Sport et Citoyenneté

The report feature of our September issue is dedicated to the thematic “Sport and Disabilities in Europe”. We invite you to take the floor about it.
The choice of our “front cover” has been debated even among the editorial team. Having to choose between many aesthetic pictures deeply representatives of Paralympic champions in action, at the heart of their sport, we decided to take the opposing view thanks to a less “conventional” pic. We – as a European think tank – believe it is our responsibility to stimulate debate and all together to think about our representations of sport. We are now waiting for your comments.

First of all would you mind us explaining a bit more about this position. Our final choice aims at revealing daily life of athletes and their relation to their body while going further than the classical media image of disabled athletes. Thanks to major international competitions they are used to media exposure and they have already exceeded the most daring look.

To your mind, what is the degree of singularity of this image? Does this photograph seem surprising for you? What words best describe your feelings while observing this picture?

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