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The first EU Conference on Sports Agents organised by the European Commission took place in Brussels on 9-10 November 2011.

The Conference focused on the evaluation of the current situation concerning the activities of sports agents in the main team sports in Europe. In line with the Commission’s function as a facilitator and a partner for dialogue with the sports movement, the conference offered a platform to all key stakeholders to exchange views and best practices in place at national and international levels across sports.

The Conference built on the results of the independent study on sports agents carried out by KEA, CDES & EOSE on behalf of the Commission. The participants took part in several panel discussions on the issues at stake. The discussions confirmed that all stakeholders identified the need to create a better regulatory regime. Stakeholders agreed that solutions should be based on an inclusive dialogue among all relevant stakeholders. The participants in the conference concluded that a self-regulatory approach by the sports movement was the most appropriate way forward, even though future EU action remains possible if self-regulation fails to deliver the expected results. Standardisation of agents’ activities through a CEN-led process and the social dialogue on professional football were retained as the most effective frameworks for further work.

The conference report as well as all presentations can be found on the European Commission Sport website.

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