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The Parliament voted on tuesday a new resolution on online gambling in the internal market. In this resolution the Parliament takes the view that there is no need for sectoral online directive on Gambling. The Parliament calls for enforcement measures against illegal operators and for a cooperation between Member States to protect european consumers.


In the resolution, the European Parliament acknowledges the specific nature of the online gambling sector and consumer protection. Regarding that topic, European Lotteries President Friedrich Stickler says: “The European Parliament has spoken out very clearly that a sectoral online gambling Directive is not desirable: gambling is not an ordinary economic activity. We are pleased that the threat for consumers from illegal gambling offerings is taken seriously”.

The European parliament also calls on the Member States to take enforcement measures against offers for illegal gambling in its planned recommendations on consumer protection and advertising. In Friedrich Stickler’s view : “This Resolution takes a clear stance on the need for law enforcement at the national level and cooperation between the Member States: we welcome in particular the adoption of the ‘unfair operator principle’: online gambling companies that violate the laws of one Member State should lose their licence in other Member States.”

Finally, the Parliament also stresses the importance to preserve integrity in sport and to take effective action against money laundering. The resolution underlines that the fight against match-fixing and other forms of sports fraud has to be focused on law enforcement, education and prevention as well as on the implementation of basic principles of good governance.

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