Sport et Citoyenneté

Livre Blanc sur le sport, Traité de Lisbonne… les prémices d’une politique sportive européenne voient le jour actuellement à Bruxelles. Quelles en sont les conséquences en termes de droit du sport européen ?

Eclairages et éléments de réponse par Nicolas Gyss, consultant chez KEA European Affairs et Secrétaire Général de Sport et Citoyenneté : “Towards a European sport policy ?”

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  1. Everyone knows the importance of health, also clue sports implement healthy, but long school physical education, never implemented, its causes are complex

  2. As the world’s very important that regional integration organizations and numerous sports and popular area of sports law, the EU also with the European Union have a certain degree of development. EU sports law is primarily concerned with athletes on the free movement, competition law, the right of retransmission, stimulants, and dispute resolution and other fields in the form of mainly the Member States of the Organization of sports policy, European Union, as well as the resolutions adopted by the European Court of Justice, and the countries of Europe the European sports organisations and Sports Association of decisions and rulings for the development of the EU sports law also has a certain importance.

  3. As a very important regional organization and an area popular with many kinds of sports, EU sport policy and legislation developed greatly. EU sport policy is mainly about free movement of sportsperson, competition law[url=]charms[/url], anti-doping and sports-related disputes resolution, etc., and its sources include national sports law and policy and EU organizations’ decisions[url=]schmuck[/url]. Furthermore, EU national and international sports organizations’ rules, regulations and decisions also play an important role in the development of EU sport law[url=]thomas sabo[/url].

  4. As a major social movement forms, in the European integration process, the sports played a special role, and has a special importance. Transnational sports the interest and impact than other types of activities more visible, this also means that the European integration process, the sport generally go in front of political cooperation. As a result, in the process of European integration, is responsible for the management of a variety of sport and physical education, or Government or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are more complex and varied, in addition to Governments, as well as the unified organization, the European Council and the European Union to the European sports development introduced some indicative or treaty.

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