Sport et Citoyenneté

The public consultation based on the online questionnaire and the written contributions served as an important source of information to identify areas that can be considered as representing key challenges for sport in Europe from a stakeholder perspective, and mostly the following:

– Availability of sport and physical activity at all levels of education;

– Insufficient recognition of voluntary activity in sport;

– Doping as a major threat to fairness in sporting competitions;

– Lack of stable funding for grassroots sport;

– Lack of attention for the societal value of sport as compared to its commercial aspects;

– Commercial pressure endangering the original spirit of sport based on fair play.

The areas receiving the highest degree of attention from the general public and stakeholders were:

– Promotion of the social and educational functions of sport, including health-enhancing physical activity, integration of sport in education policies, sport for all and sport in relation to social integration and social inclusion;

– Recognition of and support for volunteering in sport and the promotion of public and private financing of sport, as a means to support sport structures at grassroots level;

– Protection of the physical and moral integrity of sportspeople, in particular the fight against doping and the protection of minors in sport;

– Promotion of fairness and openness in sporting competitions as well as of the ethical and social values of sport, including the fight against discrimination, racism, and violence in sport;

– Promotion of networking and exchange of best practices.

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