Sport et Citoyenneté

When the notion of European citizenship was introduced in the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, it added a new political dimension to European integration, which had previously considered citizens as economic forces. From then on, anyone with the nationality of one member state has automatically been a Citizen of the European Union. However, despite the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty revitalising this notion, European citizenship, this “desire to live together” so dear to the Founding Fathers of Europe, has not yet been achieved.

Does sport have a role to play in realising this ideal? The answer would seem to be “yes”. Sport is one of the most appreciated activities in Europe, with the most participants. The values attributed to sport (fair play, sharing and solidarity) correspond with European values and the impact of sport on society is such that it constitutes a valuable force for putting European policies into practice, whether they concern health, social integration, elimination of discrimination or even employment.

Now that the political (White Paper on Sport, 2007) and judicial (Lisbon Treaty – competence in sport) measures recently adopted at the European level pave the way for intervention, and with the European Year of Volunteering about to begin in 2011, it is worth exploring the role which sport could play in the construction of active European citizenship.

-How can the process of integration be encouraged in Member States’ populations? Among young people? Among sportsmen and women? In the whole of European society?

-Which pitfalls need to be avoided, which tools should be developed and which opinion leaders must be convinced?

-What is the place and what is the role of European institutions, of the sports movement, of the private sector and of NGOs?

Sport and Citizenship invite you to the Conference “Sport and European Citizenship”:

TUESDAY 9th NOVEMBER 2010, 2:00pm

in BRUSSELS at the Committee of the Regions

Speakers at this conference:



Ylva TIVEUS, Director of Citizens and Institutions, DG Communication at European Commission

William GAILLARD, Senior Advisor to the President of UEFA

Bruno ALVES, Government and Public Affairs Manager chez NIKE

Enrique SANCHEZ-GUIJO ACEVEDO, Paralympic athletics champion, former president of the European Paralympic Committee



Rapporteur: Thierry ZINTZ, Vice president of the Belgian Interfederal Olympic Committee, member of the Sport and Citizenship Scientific Committee,
The debates will be led by Laurent Thieule, President of the Sport and Citizenship think tank.

At the end of the conference Sport and Citizenship will award its first “European Citizens of Honour Trophies”, in four categories:

– Institutional: joint winners: Jacques Delors and Michel Platini

– Sports: Enrique Sanchez-Guijo Acevedo ….

– Association: Europe en sport association

– Science: Boria Garcia GarciaThese trophies are to reward the promotion of, and activities encouraging, European Citizenship through sport.


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