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The audience of the 4th morning session on Thursday 10th March, at the Global Sports Forum Barcelona, gave an ovation to most the famous Paralympics athlete Oscar Pistorius. The South African champion in athletics had a stimulating discussion with the assistance. Some of the words are below:

“Amputated when I was young, I have always had the feeling that my prosthetic legs were shoes. I have never seen myself as a disabled person. My mother always pushed me to do sports and I have tried everything. Then while I was playing rugby, an injury forced me to try athletics for my rehabilitation. I never left it since.”

“My disability has made me stronger and I do not know if I would be the same man if I had never been disabled. I still have some years in front of me at the top of my form, but for my retirement, I am already working on a project that is destined for landmines victims in Mozambique. We also seek to create a mobile unit so we can be present all over Africa.”

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