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The European Parliament has recently adopted a Declaration on establishing European statutes for associations, foundations and mutual societies.

Find the Written Declaration below:

The European Parliament,

  • having regard to its resolution of 19 February 2009 on social economy,
  • having regard to its resolution of 20 May 2010 on delivering a single market to consumers and citizens,
  • having regard to Rule 123 of its Rules of Procedure,
  • whereas society’s wealth and stability derive from its diversity of entrepreneurship, and whereas associations, mutual societies and foundations contribute to that diversity by providing a distinctive business model based on core values, namely solidarity, democratic supervision and preferring social objectives over gain,
  • whereas, while associations, mutual societies and foundations have so far developed in a primarily national context, they need to improve cross-border access in order to maximise their entrepreneurial potential in the EU,
  1. Notes that there is a need to create a ‘level playing field’ that provides associations, mutual societies and foundations with instruments and opportunities equivalent to those available to other organisational legal structures, thereby giving a European dimension to their organisation and activities;
  2. Calls on the Commission to take the necessary steps to introduce proposals for European statutes for associations, mutual societies and foundations, to propose a feasibility study and an impact assessment for the statutes for associations and mutual societies, and to complete the impact assessment for the statute for foundations in due course;
  3. Instructs its President to forward this declaration, together with the names of the signatories, to the Commission, the Council and the governments and parliaments of the Member States.

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