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This year’s World Economic Forum is set to address challenging issues such as growing distrust in economic and political leadership, skyrocketing youth unemployment figures and a growing wealth divide. Jürgen Griesbeck is one of only 30 social entrepreneurs invited to join the Forum to offer new approaches to some of society’s most pressing problems.
Jürgen Griesbeck will share his expertise on a panel entitled ‘Street Culture: Revealing the Cracks. How can social inequalities and divided communities be reconciled through art and sports?’ The panel has been taking place on Thursday 26 January, at the Congress Centre, Jakobshorn. The panel also features internationally renowned artists and examined how sports and arts can be used to help address social issues and empower disadvantaged people and their communities.
Last year the Schwab Foundation named Griesbeck European Social Entrepreneur of 2011, honouring streetfootballworld’s innovative approach of cross-sector collaboration. streetfootballworld unites global partners behind the idea of using football to empower young people and supports a global network of more than 80 local organisations that reach out to 600,000 young people per year.
streetfootballworld is about more than just football – we’re committed to the vision of true teamwork. I’m looking forward to exploring the potential for innovative, collaborative approaches in Davos – not just at the level of traditional leadership, but at and within every level of society,” said Jürgen Griesbeck ahead of the Forum.
With more than 2,500 participants ranging from senior political and economic leaders to innovators and social entrepreneurs, Davos is a place where exchange and inspiration is shared across sectors. Mr. Griesbeck used the opportunity to forge new bonds and raise awareness of the power of football.

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