Sport et Citoyenneté

The European Commission has published a study on the funding of grassroots sport in the EU.

The study was conducted by a consortium formed by Eurostrategies, CDES, AMNYOS and the German Sport Institute of Cologne.

The main purpose of the study, which results from the Commission’s White Paper on Sport of 2007, is to identify and evaluate the differing systems of funding of grassroots sport across the EU. Within that objective, the study examines the importance for grassroots sport of different funding sources including the gambling and media revenue. Impact of certain regulations on the grassroots sport funding is analysed as well.

Given that the study looks into the ways gambling operators contribute to financing of sport, it can be considered a useful complement to the recently carried out Green paper consultation on on-line gambling in the Internal Market

Final report prepared for the European Commission DG Internal Market and Services:


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