Sport et Citoyenneté

A publication in the framework of the European project “Sport Inclusion Network (SPIN) – Involving migrants in mainstream sport institutions” co-funded by the Sport Unit of the European Commission.

As a product of the SPIN project, the Good Practice Guide presents examples towards the inclusion of migrants in and through sports from eight European countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, UK). The compilation presented here is based on the studies and experiences of the European partner organisations and introduces practical examples on various levels and in various contexts.

Thus, this guide seeks to promote new ideas on how inclusion work in sport can look like and to facilitate exchange. In conclusion, indicators and quality criteria will be presented resulting from the exchanges of the practical experience of the EU project, which could serve as a guideline for the assessment of the potential of inclusion of various sport offers, projects and programmes in the future.

Contents of the Good Practice Guide:

  1. Introduction
  2. National/governmental programmes
  3. Regional programmes
  4. Sport clubs and associations
  5. Qualification and continuing education
  6. Migrant sport club
  7. Migrant girls/women
  8. Anti-racist and intercultural events
  9. Access: school
  10. Access: neighbourhood

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