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The 2nd Nature & Sports Euro’Meet will take place in Liptovsky Mikulas (Slovakia), in October 2013. The largest outdoor sports conference in Europe will bring together more than 500 stakeholders in the areas of sports, tourism, the environment, territorial development and outdoor industry.

If you have a project, as an innovative policy or exemplary actions in the field of tourism and sports of nature to present to the European experts of nature sports, you can propose your experience until the 10th of October.

You can share your experience on four themes :

Seminar 1 – How to improve the management of outdoor sports in natural protected areas ?

Seminar 2 – How to improve the pedagogic supervision for the education of young people through outdoor sports ?

Seminar 3 – Outdoor Sports and health

Seminar 4 – How to reinforce and structure the outdoor sports offers in a territory ?

The official European Network of Outdoor Sports ( ENOS ) will gather on October 23th 2012 to select the experiences that you will propose. Selected experiences will have the right to post on theirs documents the label of the Nature & Sports Euro’Meet 2013.

Two experiments valued at the 1st Nature & Sports Euro’Meet Annecy 2011

Environment for growth (E4G) – Evaluating the economic and environmental impact of outdoor sport and recreational – These approach highlights the benefits brought by a central approach to data systems and survey tool development and analysis/reporting of visitor impacts.

Guide Naturalist in sub-marine sea-diving – A training program was launched to complete the knowledge and experience of sea-diving professionals concerning the environment. This program can now be adapted to each country and to the organizational limits of each structure.

You can submit your experience on the Euro’Meet website.

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