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Nike, the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) cooperated to produce Designed to Move (DTM), a Framework for Action (FFA) developed to coordinate efforts to address and solve what has become a global physical inactivity epidemic.

Sport and Citizenship is proud to be partner of this work as a champion of the DTM Framework.



An alarming acknowledgement : the world has stopped moving

According to the co-authors of the Framework, the human being is designed to move. However, opportunity and necessity to move has both declined in modern life, leading to an epidemic of physical inactivity. In fact, as a byproduct of technology and modernization,‘Incidental exercise’ is gone and sport and physically active play are marginalized more than ever. In the name of progress physical inactivity has become normal – certainly in the most developed economies and emerging economies are not far behind. This challenge is not strange to Europe and affects millions of European citizens. This causes a looming and dangerous threat to everyone’s health, wellbeing and quality of life.

A critical window for impact

The current researches show that if no action is taken, half of all Americans and Chinese are projected to be physically inactive, along with a third of the British and Brazilian populations by 2030. That’s about 1 billion people. A more frightening issue is the fact that today’s kids are becoming fatally unfit, and are first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents…by 5 years. As brain research shows preferences & motivations are shaped for life by about age 10, the Framework will focus on youth, and especially children.

Working together to reshape the future

The main goal of this campaign is to create a world where sports and physical activity are not only highly valued, but an expected and enjoyable part of life. Based on an unifying vision Generations running, jumping and kicking to reach their greatest potential” the “Designed to Move” campaign wants to realize this vision by:

Creating early positive experiences for children – so that there is a greater chance of them adopting a physically active lifestyle for life.

Integrate physical activity into everyday life – by building cities and communities that allow people to move more.

The final goal is to achieve a new way of life for all – one that unleashes our extraordinary human potential.

Everybody’s collaboration is necessary

The work contained in the report is owned by many, with very substantive engagement from a large and broad base of experts from around the world. Over 70 expert and multi-sector organizations (including Sport and Citizenship in Europe) helped to develop the Framework and validate the underlying research. It is of paramount importance that strategies to promote physical activity are aligned amongst experts, NGOs, academia, businesses, policy makers and public authorities. We hope that this report can contribute to the debate around solutions for one of the greatest challenges we have in front of us – physical inactivity.

More information on the FFA website.

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