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The european think tank Sport and Citizenship is partner of The European Youth and Sport Forum (EYSF), which will take place in Cyprus in Larnaca from November 25th to December 1st. The aim of this event is to invite young Europeans to discuss their viewpoints and to be heard in the debate on key topics in European sport.

The working methods in the execution of the EYSF will be based on the principles of non-formal education. Every activity will be interactive and learner centred, allowing participation and contribution from participants. At the same time, the EYSF will be an information packed event, including input sessions featuring experts and resource persons who will inspire the debates and provide for a shared knowledge starting point.


  • Opening speech from the Cyprus Government representative.
  • Presentations, discussions and debates.
  • Developing political recommendation to EU policy makers.
  • Meeting with the European Union Sports Directors.
  • Being part of the “Best Practice Fair”.
  • Networking.


  • To discuss how the youth and sport sectors could support volunteering and health via active citizenship.
  • To provide a large scale platform on which projects and good practices can be presented, networking can be stimulated and new projects for the future can be set-up.
  • To formulate Forum Declaration with political and practical recommendations for stakeholders, both on European and national level.

To put the aims and objectives of the European Youth and Sport Forum EYSF into action, participants will be introduced to the MOVE Week as a platform for promoting physical activity and encouraged to organize their own event for MOVE Week 2013. Find more information on the Now We Move website, click here.

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