Sport et Citoyenneté

The European Lotteries (EL), patron of Sport and Citizenship think tank, taking into consideration:

  • the important role of sport for society as recognized by the Treaty on the Functioning of The European Union and the European sport model structured as an open and pyramidal System based upon solidarity between professional and amateur sport and focusing uponSporting results
  • that the EL Members do since decades contribute approximately 2 billion Euros per year to The sustainable development of grassroots and amateur sport and have participated thereby In the development of the European sport model, which has to be taken into account when It comes to the discussions related to the fair contribution of betting operators
  • that many EL Members do have a long tradition in supporting the development of sport alsoBy organizing sport betting activities in the form of pari-mutual games and later also fixedOdds betting games, in a way as to create attractive, low risk entertainment and to promoteA more active involvement in the sport activities for reasonable punters
  • that the EL members are the only operators without exception to be licensed in every single Country where they operate, respecting regulations and consumer protection standards, And united by common ethical principles, values and integrity.
  • that legal sport betting, including new forms of it, as operated by the EL Members, in accordance With the applicable regulatory policy does indeed on its own not create any problemAnd does largely contribute to the promotion of safe and healthy sport by adequateMeans of funding
  • that beyond any doubt nowadays sports integrity is at threat, as due to a growing numberOf illegal operators offering bets via internet, sport betting has developed into a global Gambling service. It is sometimes even a high-risk financial product which can be partially Controlled by organized crime, undermining the fundamental values and objectives of sport,And society as a whole

Principle of subsidiarity

EL calls upon the European Institutions and, in particular, the European Commission to clearlyRecognise member states’ primary competence in the field of gambling, in particular withRegard to protecting public order and consumers.It should be, therefore, recognised that sport betting licences are issued only at a national/Regional level and remain regional/national in scope and the principle for mutual recognitionDoes not apply in the field of sports betting.

Sport Funding

EL and its members remind that sustainable sport funding is part of their original assignment.EL estimates that an international framework providing for the payment by betting operatorsOf a fair contribution to sport sector is of value, but such a decision should take into accountThe current significant contribution of Lotteries to grassroots sport and society in general.

The 7-Point Pro gramme

For the benefit and the further development of sport in Europe, EL believes that, with due respect for the principle of subsidiarity and the applicable regulatoryFramework, and with due respect for the independency of sport, urgent action in seven areasIs required to re-establish and strengthen the role and values of sport and to protect society.

  1. Fight against ill egal operators
  2. Strong legal framework and effective sanctions
  3. Education and Prevention
  4. Corporate Governance
  5. Monitoring against bett ing irregularities And match-fixing
  6. Sport Bett ing Regulation
  7. International Cooperation & Coordination

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