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Sport for everyoneAfter the kick-off meeting of last September, the project team of “Sport for Everyone” met again in Paris from the 24th to the 25th of November for the first thematic seminar in the field of “Sport and Companies”. 5 NOCs (Portugal, France, Italy, Lithuania, F.Y.R.Macedonia) and the think tank Sport and Citizenship decided to exchange good practices promoting the practice of sport and physical activities (SPA) at the workplace. As Sport at the workplace is part of the European Week of Sport (EWoS), it is interesting to discover how this issue is dealt with in Europe.


During two days, experts and organisations working in this field shared their knowledge and experiences. At this occasion, events, awareness campaigns, labels and tools were presented such as the European Corporate Games in Riccione (Itlay), the awareness campaign to be active by Energy Lab (Belgium), and the questionnaire on the sportiveness of a company by QYD CATHAY SAS (France). The representatives of the NOCs also attended the Awards of “Sentez-vous Sport” which are given to companies integrating sport in their HR strategy. They also visited the sport and medical center “Mon Stade” whose concept could be summed up as follows: “everyone deserves a champion sport programme” regardless of one’s physical condition.


Thanks to these fruitful exchanges, the consortium identified good practices which will be compiled at the end of the project in the Handbook for the organisation of the European Week of Sport. The second thematic seminar, taking place in March 2016 in Rome, will focus on “Sport and Education”.

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