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The integrity of sport is under threat and the challenges are both global and constantly evolving. Without integrity, sport is meaningless. Breaches of integrity not only damage the values of sport, but also erode its popularity, commercial viability and ultimately, its survival.

In response to these threats, the ICSS has established a specialist Sport Integrity team to provide valued integrity support across all sports and develop world-class initiatives and policy influencing research.


The ICSS’s global report on “Financial Integrity and Transparency in Sport” (FITS Report) will be officially launched on Thursday 18 February 2016 (10:00 – 12:30) at a public session held in London.


The main findings of this independent report, developed by a team of international experts led by Harvard Professor Matt Andrews, will be presented on the occasion, focusing primarily on football. This will include an in-depth analysis of the main threats and challenges posed to financial integrity and transparency in the sport, as well as the respective solutions.


The independent study will provide, for the first time a holistic and fact-based analysis of the most critical issues facing the financial integrity of the world’s biggest sport, football, as well as recommending solutions and vital next steps for sport, governments and other key stakeholders. It will explore the changing football landscape, which has seen exponential commercial and economic growth, and provide an in-depth analysis of the key pillars of financial integrity.


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