Sport et Citoyenneté

Brussels, 8-10th June 2016

After the 2 last thematic Seminars « Sport and Companies » and « Sport and Education », the team of the Erasmus + co-funded project “Sport for Everyone” met from the 8 to the 10th of June in Brussels. The Seminar focuses on the key factors for the organisation of the European Week of Sport (EWoS).

This 3-day seminar enabled the project team to get insight into the European sport policy and more specifically into grassroots sport. Major sport stakeholders presented their vision of the EWoS such as the European Olympic Committees, the Czech and German NOC – which were national coordinator of the 2015 edition, and the Sport Unit of the EU Commission. Additionally, the participants visited the EU Parliament and its hemicycle.

The participants also took part in 2 workshops facilitated by experts in collective intelligence: the 1st one was called “Building a common vision of the EWoS” and the 2nd “Designing your project in the framework of EWoS”. It led to deeper discussions on the involvement of the Olympic movement in the EWoS and to fruitful exchanges on the possible projects implemented in this framework. The workshops were punctuated by short “let’s move sessions” during which the participants experimented some well-being behaviour (acupressure methods like the “fakir mats”, stretching techniques).

The Lithuanian NOC will host the team of the project “Sport for Everyone” for the upcoming Seminar on the dissemination workplan. On the 8th and the 9th of September the consortium will validate the content of the Handbook and plan the way it will be disseminated through Europe over the next months.

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