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Today 12 October 2016, ALDE MEP Hannu Takkula held a hearing at the European Parliament to discuss the latest sport report on “Good governance, accessibility and integrity”. This own initiative report comes as a timely project, when the EU institutions are set to discuss the future Work Plan for Sport 2017-2020 in the coming months.

rapport-takkulaThe draft report was presented to the CULT Committee on 10 October 2016.

The first part of the hearing saw successive presentations on the three main pillars of the report: accessibility, good governance and integrity.

The second part of the event took the form of a panel discussion with European stakeholders on the future of European sports policies. The panel discussion brought light on a variety of topics, ranging from the relevance and importance of sport’s contribution to economic growth and employment, to match-fixing and betting regulations in Europe and others.

While welcoming this new Parliament initiative on Sport, in the run-up to this draft report, Sport and Citizenship has strongly advocated for the recognition of the role of local authorities and municipalities in promoting participation in physical activity, the importance of tackling gender inequality in sport, and allowing equal access to sport for people with a disability (see our full position here). European is facing an important public health crisis, as 210 million Europeans are inactive. This inactivity cycle imposes economic costs of 80 billion euros per year in the EU27.

Discussions at European level have tended to focus on a rather narrow range of issues, often excluding physical activity and concentrating on issues and challenges within sport. Bringing physical activityas a tool for other policy areas seems of paramount importance, as growing evidence demonstrate its contributions in various fields (environment, social inclusion, competitiveness, learning skills, growth, etc…). This report comes at a time where it is important to recognize individual practices and the emergence of new stakeholders (private companies, sport for all organizations) which are adapting the physical activity offer to changing needs and behaviors within European societies.

The next steps of the report include a vote in the CULT Committee on 28 November 2016 and a vote in Plenary Session in January 2017.

The livestream of the event is available here.

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